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Growing up in Utah, Savannah Adcock took full advantage of her access to the Wasatch Mountains - spending lots of time camping and hiking throughout her childhood, and eventually picking up skiing and rock climbing. Not wanting to wander too far from home, Savannah chose to pursue her higher education at the University of Utah, and graduated with a bachelors in finance and a minor in anthropology. While most thought this an odd mix, Savannah loved the humanitarian aspect of anthropology and the logical aspect of finance. While earning her degree, she was lucky enough to work somewhere that allowed her to earn several securities licenses, and after graduating, she quickly landed a job on the only capital markets desk in Utah. However, Savannah learned finance is not as much about helping the end consumer as she might have hoped.

Looking for more, Savannah made the jump to tech, and worked as a successful information systems analyst for several of the nation’s top companies. She was grateful to be exposed to the world of online marketing, but something still felt amiss. She missed helping the individual consumer, and couldn’t help but think of those good old times working as teller at a bank, or even back to her days at Alta helping customers select the perfect ski jacket. She knew she had to get back to helping the individual, but she wanted to do it this time as an entrepreneur and on a bigger basis.

Real estate ended up being the perfect balance between Savannah’s ability to be both incredibly professional and unfailingly personable. In selling homes, Savannah leverages her tech savviness and her analytical mindset to get the best possible outcome for her clients. Savannah is passionate about helping clients find a home that works for them, and focuses on providing the best experience possible along the way. 

Savannah has lived all over the Salt Lake valley, but currently calls Herriman, Utah home. She has an adventurous, ultra-marathon running husband, a spunky toddler and two giant puppies. Her favorite pastimes are binging on personal development books, practicing yoga and pushing her limits rock climbing. Her motto is, “Do the things you are afraid to do,” and it hasn’t let her down.


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